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Khaled Meshaal proud of the resistance in Gaza


"I’m very proud and honored with this resistance, with men and women as well as resistance heroes, leaders, commanders. They are protecting the soil, which retains honor hometown. They will not fall in front of the enemy,"

he said in a press conference in the capital Egypt, Cairo.
He added that the spirit of the people of Gaza remains high despite being bombed by Israel.

Meshaal-fled to Egypt, also criticized the United States government that says Israel has right to defend itself.
"We do not understand the double standards of Washington and their speech about Israel defend itself."

According to him, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has called for a ceasefire imposed and added, "Who started the war must end."
However, one senior administration official seorag Israel immediately denied the statement Meshaal.
Israel has continued its attack on Gaza, which entered the sixth day.

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