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Inspires Sense of Solidarity Muslims


Israel’s military offensive against Gaza, Palestinians showed barbarity Jewish state. Because, in modern times, as now military deployment should not be necessary. Wasekjen Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Tengku Zulkarnain assess steps taken by Israel is a manifestation of the lack of merit in the Jewish state.

Europe and the U.S., he said, even looks like a hard slap to the policies adopted by Israel and the Palestinians. "Seeing the attack, Israel seems no expense," he said while talking to ROL, Tuesday (20/11).

Therefore, according to Tengku, Muslims should be more appropriate. With a population of 1.7 billion people should restrain any step that could be done, perhaps, through economic boycotts. "Yes, certainly we should give what assistance can be done," he said.

He said, more importantly, the key of the solution to the Palestinian Muslims throughout the world must be united. No more treasonous among the Muslims. "Insha Allah, if Muslims unite, then we can fight them," he said

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