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Hilarry Arrival in Indonesia was Greeted with a Demo

Jakarta Dozens of students who are members of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) demonstration rejection arrival of the Minister of Foreign Affairs United States (U.S.) Hilarry Clinton to Indonesia at HI roundabout, South Jakarta.

As a result of the incident congestion along 1 kilometer

According to the observation at the roundabout AFP on Tuesday (04/09/2012) at 15:00 pm, 30 students gave speeches in front HTI Police Station roundabout.

The demonstrators carried banners measuring a 2×4 meter that reads’ Reject Hilarry ‘and’ Reject American Intervention ". In the banners are also photos in the sphere Hilarry tarnished, like traffic signs ban. In addition to banners, the protesters also carried a black flag HTI.

"Rejecting the U.S. intervention. We must enforce sharia and the caliphate," said one of the demonstrators while giving speeches.

Demo rejection arrivals starting Hilarry At 13.30 pm it was causing congestion along 1 mile of Hotel Indonesia that led to the Jalan Sudirman. Currently, police officers are on guard and traffic arrangements.

source, reviewer ; bang mul

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