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Waking up in the Place Different

Sleeping is something very special. We are so familiar with this term. Ask anyone on this earth, is there anything that does not bear close my eyes all the time? No. All humans need sleep to rest my eyes and resting the body.

"It was he who made the dress for you tonight, and sleep for rest, and he made the day for rising." (Al-Furqan: 47).

Others say sleep is part of the process of refreshing the soul. So close we are to sleep, then make us think and believe that the end of the bed tomorrow we can certainly get up again, and immediately begin daily activities. Just ask ourselves. Surely we too have the same beliefs.


In one night, at the end of the bed, I pondered the words of Allah in Surah Yasin: 51-54, which tells of the rise of the people of the ‘long sleep’.

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