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Indonesia Rent a Hotel is Getting Cheaper, like Buying Hotcakes…!!!

Two star hotel, or who were often known as a budget hotel seems new to the belle of the hospitality industry.

Regular investments are relatively small, but overshadowed by the potential for a high occupancy rate makes a lot of companies or developers and non developers flocked to taste the sweetness of this one business.

Intiland Development Tbk PT (DILD), through its subsidiary Intiwhiz International, has entered a cheap hotel business since 2010 as managing Whiz Hotel.

Currently, the network Whiz Hotel has stood in the three cities of Yogyakarta, Semarang and Bali, exactly in the area of ​​Nusa Dua and Kuta.

For the next stage, Intiland will build hotels in Bogor Whiz predicted completion in 2013, and the Palm d’Ivoire, Jakarta, which will open later this year. While for a period of five years, the target company can manage up to 60 hotels budget hotels scattered in Palangkaraya, Makassar, Nusa Dua Bali, Balikpapan and Jakarta.

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Intiwhiz Moedjianto Soesilo Tjahjono revealed, the company decided to go into business, cheap hotel after seeing a fairly lucrative market cerug.

He admitted, from the results of surveys conducted over the past two years, it found the highest occupancy took place in two and three-star hotel, not on a four-star hotel or five star.

"People need more like this hotel, clean and comfortable but not expensive," he said when contacted Thursday Moedjianto (28/6).

He admitted, with 120-150 rooms per hotel, rental prices range from USD 37.32  – USD 42.65  per night and room occupancy rates between 65% -80%, the current contribution of the four units Whiz Hotel for the holding company’s total income is not yet significant.

However, he was optimistic as the number of hotel chains are built, then in the next five years that one line of business is considered to contribute significantly to the income starts.

"We have a new four-Whiz Hotel which operates with an average income of each of Rp60 billion per year-Rp70 billion. But if hard 60 hotels in operation, its contribution would be big enough," he said.

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